Making the most of your session

Posted on October 19, 2009

Making the most of your photo session In order to get the best results, we recommend a few simple steps to help present you at your best. 

General advice

  • Don’t cut your hair the day before the shoot, wait a week. 
  • Bring outfits you like.  Be comfortable
  • Bring casual and more dressy outfits, same with shoes
  • Dress in brighter colors, not white
  • Bring your CDs or iPOD, we’ll play it
  • Put on makeup before you arrive, we have a private dressing room to freshen up
  • Be yourself, we’ll make you look your best!
  • If you have a sample of styles or pictures you like, bring them along, we’ll use them for inspiration
  • Don’t forget accessories, jewelry, watches, purses, stuffed animals :), etc

Family Portraits

  • Dress in matching outfits.
  • Make sure there is a common color, or just small amounts of color with black or white shirts, black or khaki pants
  • Again, be comfortable and if you want several looks, bring some outfit changes


  • If you play an instrument or sport, bring your gear
  • You have a cool car or bike, bring it along, we can shoot you with it too
  • Check out our link to Seniors @ 5280 above for more advice

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